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Ed-Tech: 5 Useful Ipad Apps

(Pic from Treehouse Blog. All rights theirs.)

Back-to-school shopping season may still be months away, but instructional technology specialist Andrew Marcinek suggests that many traditional items can be replaced by purchasing an iPad for students. Initial cost will of course be much higher than purchasing materials but if you factor in the cost of materials over several years of school this will likely be the better alternative. He suggests that note-taking be done on the Notability application, and that students use Haiku Deck to help build presentations. Other recommended applications include EdmodoShowMe and Google Drive, which helps students archive their work. You can view the full article here.

Are there any other useful educational apps that you can recommend?

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German Sushi (Goethe-Institut)

Vom Goethe-Institut. Viel Spass!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jobs: Summer program position in Oberaudorf, Germany‏

Music Theater Bavaria, a performing arts summer program for college and
graduate school students of opera and musical theater, is seeking a resident
German teacher for its one-month summer program in Oberaudorf, Germany
(Oberbayern). Program dates are June 28, 2013 to July 28, 2013.

Qualifications: Degree in German, plus certification in teaching Deutsch für
Fremdspracher and/or college classroom experience teaching beginner through
high intermediate level students in conversation and grammar, and advanced
fluency in German.

Teaching load: Will normally teach two 45-minute classes daily on weekdays,
with occasional extra sessions. Students are primarily American singers, and
have had varying levels of previous exposure to German. Classes focus on
basic conversation and vocabulary for daily living, performing and travel,
and touch on basic grammar as time allows. German teacher is not scheduled
to teach on Saturdays and Sundays, except for during orientation on June 29
and 30, and the schedule should allow for ample time to do personal research
or computer work if desired.

Compensation: Stipend of $300.00 (US) per week, plus hotel room with private
bath and wi-fi, and the same meals that are provided to our student group
(breakfast daily at our hotel, and one main meal daily on Mondays through
Fridays). Airfare to Germany is not provided.

Program website:
Applicants should contact: Joan Travis
Please send CV and a letter about yourself and your interest in teaching at
our program.
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German: Falsche Freunde / False Cognates (Video)

Chris here again with a fun video for fellow German learners and teachers. This video covers several of the so-called 'false friends' or false cognates that you find between German and (American) English.

  • Which ones are you already familiar with? Which false cognates were you unaware of?
  • Do you know of any false cognates not covered by the video?

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Jobs: Part-time German Teachers - Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas - Die German American School Association of Southern California,
sucht Teilzeit-LehrerInnen ab Maerz 2013 fuer unsere neue Samstagsschule
fuer Kinder zwischen 4 und 18 Jahren in Las Vegas. Der Unterricht ist
jeweils samstags von 9am - 12pm. Die Bewerber muessen in der Lage sein,
Deutsch zu unterrichten sowie den Unterricht kreativ und
selbstverantwortlich zu gestalten.

Voraussetzungen: Deutsch, Erfahrung im Umgang mit Kindern,
Verantwortungsvoll und verlaesslich.

Ihre Bewerbung senden Sie bitte an

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Jobs: Virtual German Teacher Needed‏

Laurel Springs School, wholly owned by Nobel Learning Communities, Inc.
(“NLCI”), seeks online German teachers for their World Languages Department
for their online K-12 school. This position is virtual.

About the Opportunity
This teaching opportunity requires a highly motivated and focused individual
that manages the orientation, as well as all associated instructional
practices, of teaching a foreign language to students in the online learning
environment. This position will monitor the students’ daily performance
ensuring & maintaining appropriate pedagogical practices and provides
support to those who need additional direct instruction.

Position Requirements:
• Master’s degree required
• 2+ years’ experience in teaching, online experience preferred.
• Must possess excellent communication skills in both written and in the
virtual environment.
• Must have outstanding organization, written and verbal communication
• Should be proficient in webcast, instant messaging, creation of virtual
instructional delivery.
• Must have a working knowledge of all Microsoft Office products.
• Must have a commitment to business ethics and compliance with regulatory

If you are seeking a growing organization where you can use your talents to
help others achieve their goals, come join our school. Please go to to submit your information.

About the Company...
Laurel Springs School is a K–12 distance learning private school that honors
the talents, learning styles and interests of all students. With more than
20 years of experience in the field of education, they have the expertise to
ensure each child receives an excellent private school education. Laurel
Springs is the school of choice for the college prep student who wishes to
grow and excel academically and personally while keeping a flexible and
self-paced schedule.

Nobel Learning Communities, Inc., (NASDAQ:NLCI), is a national network of
over 180 nonsectarian private schools, including preschools, elementary
schools, and middle schools in 15 states across the nation. In addition,
Nobel Learning Communities owns and operates Laurel Springs School, a
leading college preparatory K-12 private school offering online and distance
learning programs.

Nobel Learning Communities, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. M/F/D/V
encouraged to apply. Employment contingent upon successful completion of
background investigation. No recruiters, agencies, or phone calls please.Let us know what you think! Connect with us @C_LaCross

Sunday, February 24, 2013

German: Annett Louisan - Drück die 1 (song)

Here is Christina with a fun German song by a beautiful German singer:
"Drück die 1" by Annett Louisan.

This is a great song to start a class - especially, a class on using the telephone in German and personal relationships in German speaking countries. Those are, by the way, two topics that go together very well.

DRÜCK DIE 1 - Deutsch

Du hast dich nicht verwählt.
Ich habe nur mein Herz mit meinem Telefon
und meinem PC vernetzt.
Wenn du mir sagen willst,
dass du jetzt um mich weinst,
drück die 1.

Wenn du mich fragen willst,
ob ich noch sauer bin,
ob wir uns treffen können
von wegen Neubeginn
oder wer weiß was sonst für eine Heuchelei,
drück die 2.

Brauchst du Hilfe bei der Frage,
wie’s mir geht in meiner Lage,
(ob) ich Gefühle für dich hege
oder Groll,
wie viel ich dir glauben sollte,
was ich jetzt noch von dir halte,
und wie oft mir so was noch passieren soll,
drück die 0.

Wenn du nur wissen willst,
wo deine Sachen sind,
ob du hier schlafen kannst,
weil du nicht weißt wohin,
und ich dich abholen soll im Polizeirevier,
drück die 4.

Wenn du Probleme hast
mit deiner neuen Frau,
ist deine Kohle weg,
sind deine Haare grau,
ist es die Einsamkeit,
die dir zu schaffen macht,
drück die 8.

Brauchst du Hilfe bei der Frage…

Willst du mir ‘nen Gefallen tun
und meine Nerven schonen,
dann drück einfach die Taste
mit dem kleinen roten Telefon.

PRESS 1 - English

You haven’t dialled a wrong number.
I’ve just linked my heart with my telephone
and my PC.
If you want to tell me
That you’re crying about me,
Press 1

If you want to ask me
If I’m still pissed
If we can meet
Like we’re starting over
Or who knows what other kind of hypocrisy
Press 2

If you need help with the question
How I’m doing in this situation
(whether) I still have feelings
or bear a grudge
How much I should believe you
What I think of you now
And how often I’ll allow this to happen to me
Press 0

If you just want to know
Where your things are
Whether you can sleep here
Because you don’t know where to go
And that I should pick you up at the police station
Press 4

If you’re having problems
with your new woman
If you’re having money problems
If your hair is grey
If it’s loneliness
that is getting to you
Press 8

If you need help with the question…

If you want to do me a favor
And spare my nerves
Then just press the button
with the little red phone on it.

If you would like to find out more about Annett Louisan, you should check out her website:

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Free eBook from #langchat

Free Ebook from #LangChat

In case you missed it! Our #langchat team on Twitter published this free  eBook of digital tools and ways to use them - you can still get a free copy  from the Calico Spanish blog at this link. Enjoy!

And in case you want to join us for our weekly chats, we meet on Twitter every Thursday from 5-6 Pacific Time, or 8-9 Eastern Time. Want to know more about #langchat? Check out our wiki at this link. Hope  you can join us soon!
Best wishes,
      Don              @dr_dmd/Twitter

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German: Verb of the Week - waschen (02/24/2013)

Hallo alle zusammen! Here is Christina with your weekly German verb.
This time: waschen / to wash

Principal parts: waschen / wusch / gewaschen
Helping verb: haben
Type: irregular verb

Wasch deine Hände, bitte! / Wash your hands, please!
Hast du deine Wäsche schon gewaschen? / Have you already washed your clothes!


ich wasche
du wäschst
er wäscht
wir waschen
ihr wascht
sie waschen


ich habe gewaschen
du hast gewaschen
er hat gewaschen
wir haben gewaschen
ihr habt gewaschen
sie haben gewaschen

ich wusch
du wuschest
er wusch
wir wuschen
ihr wuscht
sie wuschen


ich hatte gewaschen
du hattest gewaschen
er hatte gewaschen
wir hatten gewaschen
ihr hattet gewaschen
sie hatten gewaschen

Futur I

ich werde waschen
du wirst waschen
er wird waschen
wir werden waschen
ihr werdet waschen
sie werden waschen

Futur II

ich werde gewaschen haben
du wirst gewaschen haben
er wird gewaschen haben
wir werden gewaschen haben
ihr werdet gewaschen haben
sie werden gewaschen haben

Präsens Konditional

ich würde waschen
du würdest waschen
er würde waschen
wir würden waschen
ihr würdet waschen
sie würden waschen

Perfekt Konditional

ich würde gewaschen haben
du würdest gewaschen haben
er würde gewaschen haben
wir würden gewaschen haben
ihr würdet gewaschen haben
sie würden gewaschen haben

Präsens Konjunktiv
ich wasche
du waschest
er wasche
wir waschen
ihr waschet
sie waschen

Perfekt Konjunktiv

ich habe gewaschen
du habest gewaschen
er habe gewaschen
wir haben gewaschen
ihr habet gewaschen
sie haben gewaschen

Präteritum Konjunktiv

ich wüsche
du wüschest
er wüsche
wir wüschen
ihr wüschet
sie wüschen

Plusquamperfekt Konjunktiv

ich hätte gewaschen
du hättest gewaschen
er hätte gewaschen
wir hätten gewaschen
ihr hättet gewaschen
sie hätten gewaschen

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German: Lindenstrasse Videos

Chris here again with a great resource for fellow German teachers and learners. Check out Lindenstrasse, a long running German Seifenoper (soap opera)! The Lindenstrasse site features full episodes! 

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News: Online language courses grow in popularity, but are they financially viable?

Massive Open Online Courses are growing in popularity at colleges and universities, but some scholars are asking how much schools can give away for free and survive. "There has to be a sustainable financial model," said Barbara Bichelmeyer, director of the Office of Online Education at Indiana University. 

Have you had any experience with MOOCs yet? What are some advantages and disadvantages with this type of learning model?

You can read more about the ongoing MOOC trend via the article linked below:

Are MOOCs financially viable?

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News: New technology is unlocking the origins of modern languages

Researchers have developed new software that can identify the origin of modern languages. For example, the computer program analyzed 637 Asian languages to generate the common language that would have been their linguistic ancestor. According to Dan Klein, associate professor at the University of California, Berkely: "It would take hundreds of lifetimes to pore over all those languages, cross-referencing all the different changes that happened across such an expanse of space -- and of time. But this is where computers shine." You can read more about the fascinating advances this technology is allowing by reading the article linked below:

New technology unlocking the origins of modern languages
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

French Music: Où je vais - La Rue Kétanou

Chris here again with a fun song to share with fellow French learners and teachers. This is called Où je vais by La Rue Kétanou who are a French band whose eclectic style draws from chanson française, reggae, and Gypsy music as well as theater and performance art. Watch the video below and follow along with the lyrics! Enjoy!

Je ne sais pas où je vais, oh ça je l'ai jamais bien su
Mais si jamais je le savais, je crois bien que je n'irai plus

Aujourd'hui je t'aime, oui mais demain, on ne peut jamais être sûr de rien
On va toujours seul sur la route, je continue coûte que coûte

Et puis une route en croise une autre et puis une autre et encore une autre
Pourvu que la tienne, oh mon amour, croise la mienne tous les jours

Et oui je suis une cigale, t'inquiète fourmi j'crêve pas la dalle
La musique c'est un bon gagne-pain, où que je sois, je ne manque de rien
Je chante toujours de quoi grailler, de quoi trinquer, de quoi causer

Un jour ici, l'autre là-bas, la SNCF ne m'aura pas
Et toi qui n'a qu'une seule adresse au pauvre si tu veux j'ten laisse
Mais échange de bons procédés, si tu veux bien m'héberger
Ben je serai le bienvenu, ben nous serons les bienvenus

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sylvia Duckworth's eTools for Language Teachers blog

My Twitter friend and colleague Sylvia Duckworth, has a fantastic website of resources for teaching French as a Second Langague (also known as Français langue étrangère, or #FLE on Twitter). Her resources are especially good for primary school students, bt many of the resources are also very easily adaptable for use with secondary students. High School and Middle School teachers of FLE need not shy away from looking at her postings!

Sylvia has everything from eBooks to videos, songs, language learning games, vocabulary building activities, Smartboard files, and links to many other sites of interest. She also has a channel on YouTube worth checking for videos. Sylvia has been very generous to make these resources available gratis to everyone. Merci beaucoup, Sylvia!

A bientôt, les amis,


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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

German: Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl

Chris here again with a great video for fellow German teachers and learners! If you have spent time in Germany you should probably know about the children's show Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl! If not, you are in for a treat. The video below is just one of the many episodes. Many more are available on YouTube. If you want to know more about Pumuckl then visit the page below:

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Jobs: Adjunct Position, Cornell College

Cornell College, a private undergraduate liberal arts college, invites
applications for adjunct teaching in German. Successful candidates should
be prepared to teach German 302 (In the Media; in German) and/or German 103
(Beginning German III; Vorsprung textbook). German 302 will be taught Block
1 (9/2/2013 – 9/25/2013) and German 103 will be taught (3/17/2014-4/9/2014).
Candidates must be available every day of each four -week term.

Cornell College has attracted national attention for its distinctive
academic calendar under which faculty teach and students take one course at
a time in month-long terms. The College is committed to excellence in
teaching. Letter of application, vita, and a sample syllabus for an 18-day
term should be submitted electronically in Word or PDF format to

Candidates should possess or be in the process of completing a PhD in German
Studies or a related field; candidates with an MA will be considered.
Employment is contingent upon results of a background check and receipt of
graduate transcripts when requested. Applicants must be eligible for
employment in the US.

Formal consideration of applications will begin April 1, 2013, and will
continue until the position is filled.
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Jobs: Online Teacher Needed - German School of Atlanta, GA

The German School of Atlanta, an accredited, not for profit Saturday morning
school is looking to hire an Online Teacher for the 2013-14 school year.
Applicants should have the following qualifications:

- Fluent in German and English (bilingual and biliterate)
- working knowledge of moodle
- a teaching degree along with teaching experience preferred
- flexible, enthusiastic personality and internationally mindedness

Online classes will begin in August and are open to the participants for 1
year. The participants will work through 12 modules/lectures at their own
pace. The teacher will be responsible to create the 12 interactive
modules/lectures and keep track of students progress daily. Some in person
attendance for teacher training/workshops might be required. Please send
your application (by email) including cover letter, resume, and references
to with the subject "Online Teaching

The German School of Atlanta does not discriminate by race, color, religion,
sex, age, country or ethnic origin. We accept applications from interested
candidates who have a valid US work visa.

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A Great new blog for language learning resources

stamp for the site

The Team at the Speechy Project in the UK has set up a terrific new blog space to curate a host of technology tools and resources for language learning, with an emphasis on English, French and Spanish. They are just reorganizing their site, so there isn't a huge amount of content yet, but the site is nicely done, clean, colourful, neat, and has great potential to be a source of inspiration to teachers seeking to harness the potential of technology in language classes! 

Three resources on their blog include:

Postermywall - Tool

Domo Animate - French Writing - Tool

Click on the links and you will see that they have done some terrific write ups of the tools, including ideas for how to use them. Well done Speechy Project team - I wish you well on your endeavor!

@dr_dmd on Twitter

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jobs: Online Teacher Needed - German School of Atlanta, GA‏

The German School of Atlanta, an accredited, not for profit Saturday morning
school is looking to hire an Online Teacher for the 2013-14 school year.
Applicants should have the following qualifications:

- Fluent in German and English (bilingual and biliterate)
- working knowledge of moodle
- a teaching degree along with teaching experience preferred
- flexible, enthusiastic personality and internationally mindedness

Online classes will begin in August and are open to the participants for 1
year. The participants will work through 12 modules/lectures at their own
pace. The teacher will be responsible to create the 12 interactive
modules/lectures and keep track of students progress daily. Some in person
attendance for teacher training/workshops might be required. Please send
your application (by email) including cover letter, resume, and references
to with the subject "Online Teaching

The German School of Atlanta does not discriminate by race, color, religion,
sex, age, country or ethnic origin. We accept applications from interested
candidates who have a valid US work visa.
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Monday, February 18, 2013

French Stereotypes Video

Bonjour Bonjour, ici Nina.
For my first post on this page, I decided to upload a video on stereotypes. What are some common preconceived ideas about French people? Think about it and then, check out the video! :-)

I use it (or part of it) in class when we talk about stereotypes about French people. I really like to use videos in class because even if students might not understand everything that is being said, they can guess thanks to the picture (and also to their own idea of how French people are). Moreover, with this video, you can add subtitles in French, English or Portuguese, which might be helpful.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jobs: German Instructor needed, San Antonio, TX

We currently have a requirement for a German Language Instructor to teach a
beginner course in San Antonio, TX.

• Location : San Antonio, TX (Southwest Language Center)
• Dates: TBD (~March through June)
• Language: German
• Student(s): 1x
• Course materials: Entire course curriculum and materials will have to be
developed by the instructor
• Goal: Increase the student ILR level from level 0 to level 2 with focus
on all 4 modalities (listening/speaking/reading/writing) in preparation for
the DLPT or OPI
• Objectives:
• Demonstrate understanding of German audio and text passages
• Recall, verbally and in writing, German vocabulary and phrases associated
with geography, politics, military, security, technology, science and
• Demonstrate ability to speak German in scripted and unscripted dialogues
on various topics
• Apply the rules associated with German sentence structure and verb
conjugation of various topics
• Acquire specialized German vocabulary in the following areas relevant to
job-specific duties: TBD
• Interagency Language Round Table (ILR) level 3 in the Target Language and
an advanced working proficiency in English (ILR level 2+ based on the DLPT
• Fully knowledgeable of the target culture and current usage of the target
• Minimum of two (2) years of combined experience in language education,
methodology and adult education
• Minimum of two (2) years of combined experience developing and delivering
language courses for platform and/or e-learning delivery from refresher
through advanced levels, focusing on translation, grammar, oral
comprehension, reading comprehension, and non-standard language usage

Please do not hesitate to contact me at with any
questions or concerns you may have.

Frédéric Hairson
Director of Recruiting
MultiLingual Solutions, Inc.
Tel: (301) 424.7444 ext. 365
Direct: (240) 406.1365
Fax: (301) 424.7331
Mobile: (443) 421.8634
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German: Cro - Meine Zeit (song)

Here is Christina with a new German Hip Hop song:
"Meine Zeit ist jetzt" by Cro.

Cro himself calls his music "Raop" - a mixture of rap and pop. I am sure that we will hear a lot from this upcoming artist in the future. The young rapper, who likes to wear a Panda mask, does not only have the beats but also the lyrics to make a name for himself.

Meine Zeit – Deutsch


Meine Zeit ist jetzt -
egal was kommt, man, ich bleib relaxed.
Ich lehn‘ mich zurück, schreib n‘ Text.
Noch keinen Plan wohin,
doch bis jetzt war’s fett.

Ich spring in die Tight Jeans,
White Tees, schlüpf in die Nikes,
Spike Lee’s. Bring dich zurück in die 90‘s „Hi Kids“
Ich bin nicht verrückt, doch n‘ „hype beast“
Like dies, like das, like alles.
Kein Beef, kein G, kein Weed,
kein Feat., mein Beat. Yeah!
Headbanger, bitte mach die Tracks länger!
Doch ich mach, was ich will, außer das Rezept ändern.
Schmeckt lecker. bin kein Jetsetter,
doch meine Tracks gehen um die Welt – Backpacker.
Und deine Freundin heißt Eckhard
Will ja nicht meckern,
doch sie sitzt auf meinem Sweater.
Und sie schluckt nach ihrem Doppelwhopper noch mal locker
23 Kühe und ein halbes Dutzend Trecker.
Was so viel heißt, wie „deine Olle, ist schwer
in Ordnung, denn man kann sie rollen, wie das R
und meine Chick ist scharf, wie das „ß“
Ja genau, sie ist scharf wie ein Mex…
…ikaner, Lieblingsfilm, sie will mich wieder sehen.
Doch ich brauch nicht viel im Leben außer das
„Supreme“ emblem auf meinen
Snap-backs, Decks oder Backpacks.
Jeder Zeile fett und relaxed so wie Jack Black
Ich denk zurück als das Rapding begann.
Damals waren meine Helden: Max, Sam und Jan,
heute zieh ich selber mit den Tracks übers Land
bin, egal wohin ich komm schon bekannt – Sing es!

Meine Zeit ist jetzt -
egal was kommt, man, ich bleib relaxed.
Ich lehn‘ mich zurück, schreib n‘ Text.
Noch keinen Plan wohin,
doch bis jetzt war’s fett.

Ah, ah, ah yeah, jippie yeah, sollte alles klappen,
bin ich bald Milliardär.
Haha, war’n Witz, ich mein Millionär.
Und was ich damit meine: Meine Taschen sind – leer.
Ist okay man, ich brauch kein Cash,
ich brauch keine Villa am Meer und auch kein Benz.
Brauch keine eigene Band, brauch keine Brand.
Alles was ich von euch will ist ein: Oh yeah!
Du sagst: Uh, die Beats sind tight.
Also steckst sie in die Pipe und ziehst sie rein.
Nimm dir 2 Minuten Zeit, atme kurz tief ein.
Und du merkst, du wirst high willst mehr
von dem Scheiß.
Also lehn dich zurück, mach das Fenster auf,
Tape rein, aufdrehen, Gänsehaut.
Japp, denn ich hab was ein Gangster braucht.
Schreiben andere Rapper Texte,
hab ich längst gebounced, denn


My Time – English


My time is now;
no matter what comes, man, I’m stayin’ relaxed.
I lean back and write the lyrics.
Still no clue where to,
but so far, they were phat.

I jump into my Tight Jeans,
white Tees, slip into the Nikes,
Spike Lee’s. Takes you back to the 90s, “Hi Kids”
I’m not crazy, but a “hype freak”
like these, like that, like everything.
No beef, no G, no weed,
no feat., my beat. Yeah!
Head banger, please make the tracks longer.
But I do what I please, except to change the recipe.
Tastes yummy. I’m not a jet setter,
but my tracks go around the world – backpacker.
And your girlfriend’s name is Eckhard.
I don’t want to bitch,
but she’s sitting on my sweater.
And, after a Double Whopper, she easily gulps down another
23 cows and a half dozen tractors.
That means as much as your ol’ lady is heavy
all right, ‘cause you can roll her, like an R, yeah.
My chick is hot like the “ß,”
yeah, exactly, she’s hot like a Mex...
…ican, my favorite movie, she wants to see me again;
but I don’t need much in life, except for the
“Supreme” emblem on my
snap backs, decks, or backpacks.
Every line, phat and relaxed like Jack Black.
I think back to when this rap thing began,
at that time, my heroes were Max, Sam, and Jan.
Today, I move my tracks across the country myself;
wherever I go, I’m already known – sing it!

My time is now;
no matter what comes, man, I’m stayin’ relaxed.
I lean back and write the lyrics.
Still no clue where to,
but so far, they were phat.

Oh oh oh yeah, yippie yeah, everything should work, I’ll
soon be a billionaire.
Ha ha, t‘was a joke, I mean millionaire.
And what I mean with that: My pockets are – empty.
It’s okay man, I don’t need any cash,
I don’t need a beach front villa and I don’t need a Benz.
I don’t need my own band, don’t need a brand.
The only thing I want from you is an: Oh yeah!
And you say: Ooo, the rhythm is tight.
So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
Take 2 minutes of time, take a short breath,
and you’ll realize you’re getting high; you want more
of that sh*t.
So lean back, open the window,
tape in, crank it up, goose bumps.
Yep, ‘cause I’ve got what a gangster needs.
Writin’ other rappers’ lyrics,
I’ve had style for quite a while, ‘cause


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